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Venessa Kay
Venessa Kay, Peru 2007 with Celine Cousteau and Amazon John Easterling.

Hopi Rainforest Ambassador, Ethnobotnist, Cultural Educator, Traditional Trader, Spiritual Assistant and Healer.

Graduate of Southern Oregon University 1992 with a Science Degree in Psychology and an emphasis in Geriatrics.

Post Graduate studies at the University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication in Pioneering New Technologies, directly under the tutelage of Everett M. Rogers panel to Chernobyl.

Santa Barbara City College Cultural Education Instructor from 2008 – 2012, until till funds were dropped by the State of California in 2012.  The educational program called Omega, for the frail and elderly including memory care.  Still teaching cultural education to some privately contracted collectives for neuroscience development and enrichment.

Practicing Conscious Live Blood Microscopy, established in Santa Barbara in February 2007.  As a Board Certified Microcopist, Totemkin Inc. Training Institute at Scottsdale, AZ,  I am passionate about the study of Live Blood Analysis.   Training completed, Biometrix Training: Applied Microscope Technology for Health and Education and Audit Process, Chicago 2012. Also completed Certification in Biological Flow Systems Auditing/Concept & Methodologies for Practical Application in Biological Terrain Research, Chicago 2012.
Currently designing concepts in Live Blood DNA research and development.

Founder and proprietor of a Native American educational based ‘cultural exchange’ program called LluviaSol, based in Santa Barbara since 2004. This program has provided funding, food, accommodations and programs for Native Dance Troupes, Elders and Educators coming to the west.

Hopi Rainforest Ambassador since 2003, Preservation Partnership and Tribal Trader have been my life long tradition. Traveled to Peru with the Amazon Herb Company and for Botanical Medicine Workshop and training lead by the West Chester University, Pennsylvania under Dr. James Duke, PhD, and  Ethnobotnist, U.S. Department Agriculture.

Currently serves as a facilitator at the Ayni Gallery for a social community networking monthly gathering since 2009.



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