Live Blood

What is a Live Blood Cell Analysis?

The Tool: Using a high-powered Microscope we gain insight into the quality of a person’s internal terrain, metabolic and nutritional status and the root causes of his/her symptoms.

What can you see? Often things are noticed that are never seen using traditional methods of blood screening.

Rouleau Formation:  Blood that is very congested.  It is seen in many people with arthritis, diabetes, lack of exercise, metal toxicity, stress, allergies, infections, and severe trauma.

Toxic Blood:  Chemicals, toxins and any wastes occurring in the blood.

Why do I feel so bad?  People with congested blood exhibit many varied symptoms of degenerative disease, or suffer from weak immune systems.  Some experience recurring infections, arthritis, digestive problems, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, asthma, yeast infections, other fungal problems, skin disorders, acne, etc.  Congested blood keeps your body out of balance.

What we find:  We can take a look at overall health and viability of your immune system, level of acidity, level of metal poisoning, digestive function, nutritional deficiencies, liver and bowel toxicity, oxygenation of the blood, plaque and congestive factors, and other health imbalances.

Healthy Blood:  The red blood cells repel each other and are in a properly balanced milieu.  They deliver oxygen and nutrients efficiently throughout your system.  We will be able to evaluate the integrity of your red blood cell membrane and the intelligence of your white immune blood cells and discover what else is in your plasma, (your water).

The Solution: We will provide you with an accurate protocol to rebalance your body systems and a new understanding of the foundations of health.

Who can benefit from Live Blood Microscopy?  Anyone!  Live blood cells analysis provides a glimpse into the health of the body.  It is used as a preventive screening for anyone to understand his or her body.

If you have a desire to take an active part in remaining vitally healthy, this integrative and innovative tool is available to you.

Natural Solutions:  The green pharmacy of wild-crafted botanicals growing in the rainforest holds the key to many of today’s most urgent health concerns.  They grow in the richest virgin soil on earth, and in one of the most remote areas in the world.  This pristine, high-energy environment yields plants unparalleled in the rest of the world.

Ancient Wisdom Verified by Doctors:

Thousands of years of experience handed down through the generations by the Shaman and tribal healers have been verified by scientific research and fieldwork.  Amazon Herb Company Harvests the rainforest herbs, dries them, and brings them into this country, never irradiating or spraying them.  The herbs retain their quality, energy and enzymatic activity.

Take an active part in your health


Increase your energy

Boost your immune system

Build new cells that support life

Feed the glands and organs responsible for anti-aging

Convert live foods into building material for living tissue

Remove fat, toxins and invading microbes


Learn the nutritional solutions to balance your body, mind and spirit and bring new levels of health.  Experience how your body is supported to feel.  With the high-powered microscope we can examine individual blood cells while they are still alive.  Dr. Massaru Emoto has given us proof that water has a direction.  What are the hidden messages in your blood?